Fukuoka city, Japan

Fukuoka city

City overview

Fukuoka city is the capital of Fukuoka and also one of the Japan’s most populous cities. Its existence came to spotlight when the two primitive old towns’ castle town on the west bank and Hakada on the east of the Naka-gawa merged with each other and eventually became Fukouka city. Fukuoka city is widespread for its ancient temples, shopping malls and beaches.

Fukuoka is considered to be a fruitful journey point for the visitors who arrive here for the first time and connectivity through subway takes you to major attractions of city. Fukuoka proximity with Asian mainland resulted it as a major harbor city for thousands decades and it was the mongol invasion forces who opted it as the vital landing point at that time. Talking about the recent history, Fukouka emerges as the sixth largest city of japan as of 2015 and has crossed the numbers of Kobe’s population.

Tourist attraction

  • Ohori park is the most desirable place with a 2km long jogging track and popular for both visitors and local person and here get to see the magnificent fireworks every summer.
  • Maizuru Park is a renowned name here for its cherry blossoms that are seen at the end of March.
  • Ample Buddhist temples and historical shrines will make you go demulcent with its primitive locations.
  • Momochi Beach is one of the most lovable and worth spending time place.
  • Rakusuien Garden is a second home for wealthy family and is prominent for its elegant beauty.

Shoppers stop

  • Canal city mall is one place which offers countless household stuffs and eatables. Clothing stores, restaurants even theater with fountain beside is all what makes you day here.
  • Tenjin is the largest mall in Fukuoka city with availability of several department stores, boutique areas, designers store made in towering retail blocks.
  • If you are passionate about electronic gadgets, computer and cameras, then there is a store right in front of Hakata station as you go out to the eastern side near JR station.