Fukuoka city, Japan


Fukuoka which is in the northern shore of the Kyushu Island is the capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture. Fukuoka is the largest and one of the ten Japan’s most populated cities. The city is close to China and Korea and is in cultural ties with them.

Major Attractions:

  • Ohori Park- Best place to go for a walking through the scenic areas, enjoy the nature and the parks, sightseeing and enjoy with kids in playgrounds along with fun and games.
  • Yayoi No Kaze Park- This place in Nishi- Ku is known for the ancient ruins, historic sites its nature and park.
  • Canal City Hakata- One of the large shopping and entertainment complex in the city which is also called as the City within the City. It has almost 250 shops, cafes, restaurants, a theatre, game centre and much more.


  • Richmond Hotel- The Richmond Hotel which is in Chuo-Ku is a 3-star hotel with more shopping choices. The hotel is also nestled near to shopping malls and night street stalls.
  • Hotel Nikko- Placed in Hakata-Ku, the hotel is a 4-star with facilities like the Restaurant, Fitness Centre Pool and a Lounge.


  • Hotel Miyachiku- The Best place to visit for Barbeque and Japanese food. This restaurant is located in Jaypark Nakasu Building.
  • Starbucks Coffee- Coffee and Tea is served best in this café located in Chuo-Ku.


  • Udon- One of the favourite food of Japan is Udon noodles and soup served with grilled flying fish.
  • Yakitori- Yakitori is another special specialities of Japan where chicken barbeque grills are available.

Travel Info:

The climate in Fukuoka has cold winters, while the summers stay hot and humid. 

Tokyo to Fukuoka takes about 6 hours by train. You could also opt for a westbound sleeper express. You can get around the city easily by the 3 subway lines served in the city.